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Teague Chiropractic Reviews

Hands holding heartWhat Our Englewood Patients Say

At Teague Chiropractic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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I Have My Life Back

“Teague chiropractic office has a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere, along with exceptional staff. I have suffered from back pain for years and since becoming a patient of Dr. Teague I have had so much relief from crippling back pain. with regular visits I now have my life back. I highly recommend Teague chiropractic office!”

Saved from Unnecessary Surgeries

“I’ve seen Dr. Teague for years and continue to see him. He’s saved me from unnecessary surgeries that other Dr’s felt that was the only fix. Dr. Teague pays attention to your needs and will help you work thru whatever the issue or pain you’re having and go for an adjustment to pin point the painful area/s. I highly suggest giving Dr. Teague a try. You won’t be disappointed!”

Felt Immediate Relief

“I was recently a new patient suffering from severe back pain and migraine headaches. Dr. Teague x-rayed, consulted, and adjusted me. After my adjustment I felt relief right a way. My headache was gone and back pain was better. Thank you Dr. Teague!”

Would Recommend to Anyone

“I have known Dr. Albert Teague since we graduated together in 1980 from the Palmer College of Chiropractic. He has always been an excellent Chiropractic Physician. I would not hesitate to see him for care if I was in Englewood and / or the surrounding areas. Experience really does count and Dr. Teague is one of the best in using what he knows to help his patients. I know that if he thinks he can help you, he will tell you so. If not, he will refer you to someone that can. Dr. Teague is the Best!!!”

Wonderful Experience

“I don’t have enough positive things to say about my experience with Teague Chiropractic and their staff. During my initial consultation, Dr. Teague sat down and thoroughly explained the result of my X-ray as well as what we needed to do to fix my problem. This is the first time I have ever needed to go to a chiropractor, and I am so thankful that I chose Teague. At every visit, I sign in and am immediately taken back, no wait!

I had a problem with my Sciatic Nerve and my right leg going numb. Dr. Teague works on realigning my frame as well as working my right quad during each visit, making every day activities that I once struggled with a breeze again.”

- Brittany H.

Leave Pain Free

“I have been a interstate trucker for over 11 yrs and drive 10,000 miles a month or more, so my back take a pretty good beating. Dr. Teague has made my back feel very good over the time that I have been a patient there – I have a problem with my rib cage geting out of alignment and every time i visit them, I leave pain free. The staff is great as well. Thanks!”

- Michael T.

Open and Honest Approach

“I first consulted Dr. Teague when I first had back problems in 2005. His care and open and honest approach kept me going until the only option was spinal fusion. The neurosurgeon’s team complimented his work post op in giving me a good alignment for them to work with during surgery. I have continued to be a patient since then and am so thankful for his professional care! I heartily recommend him.”

- Becky B.

A Converted Skeptic

I must admit that I was very skeptical about going to a Chiropractor. My wife has always believed in it and spoke very highly of Dr. Teague. Finally, I gave in and it was well worth it! Dr. Teague really knows what he is doing and you can tell he takes pride in being able to make you feel better. The staff is always fun and friendly, and they work me right in because I am rarely able to make an appointment. I highly recommend a visit today…you won’t regret it!

- Donald A.

Friendly, Professional & Knowledgeable

“I hurt my back when I twisted the wrong way weeding my garden. My husband recommended that I see Dr. Teague. Although my back had started to feel better, I decided to keep my appointment.

From the first moment I walked in the door the staff was very friendly and professional. Dr. Teague was not only friendly and professional but he is very knowledgeable. He thoroughly explained my X-Ray and answered my questions. I had no idea that my hips were uneven and we’re putting pressure on my lower back.

I have been going to Dr. Teague on a monthly basis for almost a year and have never felt better. The staff and Dr. Teague continue to be friendly and professional. I wouldn’t consider going to anyone else for my chiropractic needs.”

- Bailey S.

Accommodating and Convenient

“I have been going to Dr. Teague for over seven years. He and his staff have always shown the utmost professionalism in my interaction with them. Dr. Teague has always been most accommodating to my needs and helping me to overcome my back pain issues. His walk in policy makes it very easy easy for people like myself to get into see him because of my busy schedule. I would highly recommend Dr. Teague for your Chiropractic needs.”

- Tim A.

A Patient for Nearly a Decade

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Teague’s for nearly 10 years, first for some neck issues and now for my lower back. As I began with my first few visits, I didn’t think there was any hope of relieving the pain in my neck. I couldn’t turn my head or find a comfortable position when I tried to sleep.

After just a couple of visits I felt 100% better. Dr. Teague new just where the problems were and fixed them. When my lower back began to hurt, from twisting and turning on the ladder painting my daughter’s bedroom, I called again saw Dr. Teague and he again knew just what to do.

I have total confidence in Dr. Teague and his ability to relieve all of my back and neck pain. He has also helped relieve pain in my jaw from TMJ.”

- Amanda N.

Five Stars

“Dr.Teague is a wonderful Chiropractor! He is very gentle but very effective. I went to see him for an accident I had a few years ago. He’s not only helping me with that injury but he’s also trying to fix problems I had from a really bad car accident 20 years ago. I thought I had to live with the problems other Chiropractors could not fix without surgery until I went to Dr. Teague. I finally feel like I might be able to feel normal again and not be in pain everyday. Great place to go, very friendly staff, great price, five stars!!!!”

- N.H.

One of the Best Chiropractors I’ve Seen

“Dr. Teague and staff always greet you with a smile and a kind word. I have had reoccurring back problems since my teens and have lived in several parts of the country visiting numerous Chiropractors. Not many are able to truly improve my condition as Dr. Teague has been able to do. When I started seeing him I required a regular schedule of treatment just to be able to complete normal daily tasks, now I am happy to report that I am on an as needed basis.

Dr. Teague continues to learn new procedures and has also been able to help me with the pain and discomfort of Sjogren’s syndrome (a condition of extremely dry eyes). I really appreciate all that he and his staff have been able to do for both my husband and I. If you are looking for a good Chiropractor they are definitely the right choice.”

- Teresa C.


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