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Dr. Albert Teague Welcomes You

Experience Outstanding Care

Teague Chiropractic: Focusing on Results

An Englewood Chiropractor Serving the Community for 35 Years

welcome-to-dr-albert-teagueDr. Albert Teague has improved the health of thousands of patients during his 35 years in practice. We treat everything from automobile accidents, athletic injuries, and postural strains, to the stresses of everyday life. Our bodies tend to take a beating and sometimes we hurt without knowing the reason. Is that you?

Do You Have Neuromuscular Skeletal Problems?

Englewood chiropractor Dr. Teague can help when it comes to neuromuscular skeletal problems — we know chiropractors are the best option for non-surgical care. Your health, happiness, and results are our top priorities.

We offer a variety of natural techniques to care for your pain and discomfort. Our office strives to help you regain and maintain your health without the use of drugs or surgeries. We specialize in providing the chiropractic care that you need! The treatments we provide for someone with headaches will not be the same as those offered to their neighbor suffering from knee or shoulder pain. Each person is different as is the treatment they will receive, whether that is an adjustment or the therapy that goes with it.

Here at Teague Chiropractic office, we provide chiropractic, laser therapy, decompression, electric muscle stimulation, hot/cold therapy, and exercises to treat headache, neck and back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, and foot pain. We love changing lives and making a difference in your ability to live an active, more fulfilling life.

We want you to feel comfortable and know you came to the right place. After your initial appointment you’ll be able to slip in for an adjustment and get right back to your day.

Call Today for Your Appointment

Our office is the culmination of many years of hard work helping thousands of people. Our ultimate goal is to help you achieve fast relief of pain or other conditions. Let our gentle care put you at ease! Call today to schedule an appointment – (937) 836-1000